Monday, March 11, 2013

snapping point

758_night squares


  1. Hi Jose,
    You need to really map out more what you are aiming for. To me it still looks like you are just assuming what the light would do instead of really looking at reference and analyzing how light affects surfaces. And even if it's simple scenarios you still need to bring things into context. How big are the cubes in relationship to each other and is it grass on the ground or concrete etc. Look at how jon did his exercise. You can clearly see how he broke each scenario down

    I'm still missing that in your pieces.

    Here are some notes of niklas jansson that helped me a lot back then. You should have a look at it. He has some cool observations.

  2. Hey Goro

    You are right, I did not look at any reference for the lighting situations.I need to study and analyze how light interacts with objects. Reference is something so easy to do but I always catch my self not utilizing. I see how well Jon handled the exercise by studying how light works. I will read through Niklas's notes ( I think you forgot to link it but I found his notes),so far they seem super helpful! Thanks alot for the crit,I really appreciate it!!!