Monday, March 11, 2013


759_bird on square pass 1


  1. Yes! This is a million times better! I definitely see light here.
    Sorry I forgot to link the notes. Glad you found them.

    Couple of notes on this one.
    It is bright sunlight so the highlights will be very warm compared to the shadow side. Your shadow side of the cube looks good. Maybe add a tiny bit more green to the white area. The top lit plane needs to go much warmer in hue. The red towards orange and the blue needs to be removed from the white. You would only see the blue sky fill in the shadow areas. Not in the lit areas.
    The grass is still too green imo. I would add some warmth to it too by adding yellow.
    This one clearly shows that you were thinking about what's going on.
    Good job.

    1. Thanks Goro!!

      I was definitely looking at reference and really trying to study how light works.I am going to make sure I look at reference more carefully.

      Its kind of a bummer that I have done so many paintings and yet im still struggling with some basic concepts. Its like working out and then realizing you have been doing the wrong posture. I have to start thinking differently when I approach these paintings.

      Thanks again for the crit I really appreciate it!!!!