Thursday, March 7, 2013


754_fighting the monster


  1. 754 is an impressive number! You actually surpassed me already. I'm at 685.

    On the one hand it's impressive and shows your determination which is more important than anything else cause that will keep you going until you reach your goals.

    On the other hand you need to approach your work trying to actively work on your weaknesses. Doing a painting every day without actively thinking about what you are doing and what you want to learn by doing daily paintings will slow down your learning process exponentially. I think you have to choose clear objectives before you start painting. What do you want to focus on and what do you want to communicate.

    Doing exercises like a striped cube in differen light settings or more advanced, a character in different light scenarios will really make you think about how light is affecting things.

    You should work on your perspective skills too. Often times the scales are off and elements in your picture are in different perspective planes and therefore feel disconnected from each other.

    Some of your paintings have a good value range others don't. You have to consistently thing about those basics.

    Again I really respect your determination. You just need to add some challenges and clear goals in your mind and you will move forward much faster.

    Keep it up!

    1. THANKS GORO!!!!!

      You are right,most of the time I do a quick scribble/sketch before I start a painting.I will definitely start to chose a clear objective before I start to do anything else. I tend to just go at it with a slight idea of what I want to paint.

      For the next paintings I will really try to hammer down on the basics even more and work on getting the perspective correct.

      I really want to get better and the only way is to actively work on my skills.I will reach my second year of daily paintings on April eighth.

      Thanks again for the crit and for inspiring me,I really appreciate it!!!!