Sunday, May 20, 2012


455_Night window

 re-did_moon light (I had forgotten to add the occlusion /contact shadow on fist attempt at the cubes)
    re-did_sun lightdefused light


  1. No problem I'm glad I can help.
    You came a long way and I think you might be the only one who didn't miss a day until today and did even more than one painting a day right?

    The cubes are much better. In the moonlit piece I don't think that the white faces of the checker board would get that dark where the cube is casting a shadow. I really like how you maintained the local color. Though if you look at the sunlit cube and the moonlit cube they have a different local color. You gotta shift the hue of either one of them to make the red appear the same. Right now it looks like a red cube at night an an orange cube in sunlight.

    In your scene with the table and the cube on top you lost the local color of the table and the walls. Even in night scenes make sure you can assume the local color of the objects/elements in your picture.

    look at this reference

    You can assume the wall is white, the ground is probably brown, the door is brown wood and the monitors are black.

    In your piece I would think the wall is painted dark blue, the table grey, the window frame some kind of blue and a white ceiling.
    If this wasn't your intention always ask yourself: Can you guess the local color of the elements in your picture?

    You probably wouldn't see the branches casting shadows on the table but I can see lighting happening in that piece which is good.

    Keep going!

    1. I've missed about 6 days out of the year,but I always made sure to do an extra painting the day after to make up for it.During summer break I tried to do more than one a day since I had more time.

      I tried fixing sunlit and moonlit cubes to bring back the color identity of them.looking at the reference you linked,I can see where I went wrong in that I made a mostly monochromatic (mainly blue) piece with a hint of a few color,which made me loose the local color of the objects I was painting. Im still struggling with how the color of the light affects the color of the objects,I always tend to want to mix them,which then become dull and muddy. But looking at the reference I can see how the color is harmonized by the light but yet still retain the local color. Thanks for the help!!!!