Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sovereign through the pines

112_from (my bad) memory


  1. You are one of a few people who actually paint everyday, thats dope!!! Lol
    Let me crit u a little jose. You are indeed improved. Only thing i see from your memory painting is they lack of contrast of light and dark. And may be you ( include me as well) need to study and observe how light acts to objects and ypur scene more. Goro told me to always pay close attention to your main light source. And dont be afraid to saturate your color, give them more colorful and contrast. This painting from your memory have main light source but for some reason, i still didnt feel the heat of the sun in this one. If the light is so strong to creat the strong, sharp shadow, grasses on the left might be lighter. The ground should have some gradiation of light as well. Everything on foreground and background are same value. The light side on all object should be brighter, dark side should be darker. The guy sitting in shadow, but why he have highlight on the left side of his body. The light should be on his shoulder and his knee, cos they are not in the shadow.
    Thats what i notice from this painting. Overal on most of your paintings are good. Just give them clear light source, contrast and slightly saturation of color, might make your work better! Keep it up man!

  2. thanks a lot! its good to hear from some one else other than your own self criting thoughts! I will definitely pay more attention to my light source. I still struggle to make it look like there is light in a painting.much appreciated!