Monday, April 21, 2014





  1. Heya Jose, you came a long way! You are probably the only one still sticking to the daily paintings. How do you feel about your improvement?
    I see improvement when I look at 1142 or 1117 but a lot of times you still fall into old habits and sometimes the images show that you are just doing a painting for the sake of doing it and not to improve if you know what I mean. You should always set yourself a challenge every time you tackle a new painting. The more you do that the faster you will grow. I have a collection of reference images that are good to learn from since they contain a lot of information about light and color.

    You might wanna try some of these and see where you at. Also there is a daily spitpaints group on facebook I've been participating since October of last year if you haven't heard of it yet. They have daily topics that you can choose from to do a daily 30min painting. You might want to join the group if you haven't already. It's a good way to practice and stimulate your creative mind.

    Keep it up!

    1. Hey Goro!

      I feel like my progress has been slow but steady. You are definitely right that I still fall into some old habits. Alot of times I dont feel really inspired to do a painting but I still do one because I try not to miss any days.

      Thanks for the collection of references! I will definitely try to dissect some of the images and see how light works.I am extremely determined to get better, so I am going to try everything to improve.

      I will join the facebook group right now! I wasnt aware of the group but I will start posting there too.

      Thanks for the advice and the help. I really appreciate it!!!!

  2. Sure no problem! I see your determination and that's a great great skill to have. The group will help you to get inspired for sure. See you over there.