Friday, May 3, 2013

room full of eyes



  1. Your paintings definitely got better in terms of lighting. But I would suggest to look at reference images a bit more. The past few paintings look like they are painted without reference images. To improve your eye you really need to look carefully at reference images and see how light behaves in different scenarios.

    Also think about scale relationships.
    For example in this one I don't really know what this opening is. Is it a garage opening? If so the cat is at least 3-4 feet and the trashcan about 5feet tall. And what is that wall in the back? is it another garage wall? In that case it would have to be a lot lower if you follow the converging lines. You could look at images like this

    To get inspired for the environment even if the lighting is different from what you are planning to do.

    If you keep painting just from memory you won't be able to expand your repetoire. So looking at reference is essential.

    Keep it up. You made some big improvements.

  2. thanks goro!!!

    you are absolutely right, I don'y reference images while I do most of these painting. Lately I haven been really short on time and I have rushed a lot of them. I will try even harder to look up reference before I start any painting.

    I feel like I am on a painting slump, I just need to keep going to get out of it. Thanks again for taking the time to give me a crit I need all the help I can get!