Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black Sands

430_from picture


  1. I think you did some major level ups in the past few weeks. It's good that you do more environments and I see that you are starting to understand the concept behind lighting. It's good that you do more original pieces now. You did work a lot from reference. It's good to throw in a painting from reference every once in a while but I think you can do less and less of that and try to create your own pieces. "factual autist" has a nice feel. You could push the sunlight though by going brighter and more saturated in the highlights. "vache" has nice values but watch the scale of the rocks. Make it more obvious that they get smaller according to the distance. The two rocks on the left are the same height even if the far left one is much further away. "plunging hornets" has a nice value range too although you could probably make the tree in the middle a little bit darker.
    Try to do more pieces where you can see a clear separation between light and shadow just like this one ore "factual autist"
    Play with the light.

    Keep busting out those paintings!

    1. thanks for the advice!!!! I will definitely do a lot less paintings from pictures. I'll try to push the sunlight and the saturation more. As you can tell I'm not that good at putting objects in space (like in "vache") its something I have struggled with and will keep in mind how objects recede in the distance. on the next pieces I will focus on having a clear separation between light and shadow.thanks so much for the advice and the feed back,I REALLY appreciate it!!